Pictures and Video

1 MA Playing "Engine, Engine"
Kindergartners showing their listening skills!
4TR playing sticks in 2 parts
4DE practices reading music in solfege
3PT plays "Let Us Chase the Squirrel"
Steady Beat 1HE Apple Tree


Working on notation skills in grade 5

Working in inquiry circles with talking sticks

Grade 3 practicing staff notation

Chasing "Trolls" during listening lesson Grade 4

Grade 3 patching rhythms

Grade 4  Rondo form with Grieg's Norwegian Dance #2

Writing new Rhythms Grade 5

Reading rhythms Grade 5

Grade 5 "Long Road of Iron"
passing game

E1 "In A Circle Dance Now"

Grade 3 clapping rhythms
Grade 1 keeping a steady beat
Grade 1 using the "ta-titi vortex!)

Grade 1  "I climbed Up the Apple Tree"

E2 Apple Tree Game


  1. This is wonderful, Sue! What a great job these students are doing and it is easy to see why with an innovative and motivational teacher!
    From Nikki Snyder Roberts

  2. I love your blog, Sue. It's great that parents and classroom teacher can see what children are doing in music. Giving kids an audience is motivating for them and impacts their learning. Thanks for making the time to do this. Jan Gytri