Grade 4 Activities


What a great job you did on your compositions
watch and celebrate your success!

4HN composition playlist

4DE composition playlist

4TR composition playlist

Ding Dong
(where are the highest sounds?)
Ding dong, diggy diggy dong
diggy diggy dong the cat is gone
Ding dong, Diggy diggy Dong
Diggy diggiy ding dang dong!
(where are the highest sounds?)
Pass one window tideo,
pass two window's tideo
pass three window's tideo
Jingle at the window tideo
Tideo, tideo
Jingle at the window tideo
Tideo, tideo
Jingle at the window tideo
I Lost My Farmer's Dairy Key
(where are the highest sounds?)
I lost my farmer's dairy key
I'm in some lady's garden
do, do let me out I'm in some lady's garden
Concert Music
Image result for chumbara
 Image result for Little Jack Horner
Click Here for the words to "Let's Go A Hunting"
(warning-this song may spoil your appetite!)
Click Here to practice rhythms in 3/4 meter
Image result for dotted half
 Click Here to watch the "Norwegian Dance in A"
by Edvard Grieg.

Beware of Trolls!

Click Here for the song "Click Go The Shears"
Watch the video of sheep shearing!

Click  Here  for all the words to Peter's Stream!

Image result for Austria streams image 

Image result for images 3 beat conducting patternPractice Conducting 3 beats in a measure with another piece by George Frederick Handel
Click here
To see the words for Morning Has Come
and practice conducting in 3's 

Click Here 
To see the score of Cotton Eyed Joe 

Here's a video of Amber Hayes singing Cotton Eyed Joe
(not quite a lullaby anymore is it?) 



  1. I am so excited for the concert
    your student,kate from 4NA

  2. You are a awsome teacher mrs. Bowcock from Tura in 4na

  3. cool blog mrs.BOWCOCK you are an awsome teacher gym and music are my favorite things at school.


    in 4NA

    1. my new favorite song from the 60s from,kate 4NA

  4. Hi, Mrs.Bowcock
    I showed my parents my compositions and they said I did a great!!

  5. I will miss you MR.BERGER:(