E1 Activities

Concert Practice!  Here are the songs that you will be doing on the spring concert with Ms. Gedde.  Click the link and you will see the words to the songs so you can practice!

Rattlin Bog

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Click the Link to hear the Irish Rovers sing the "Rattl'in Bog"

Irish Rovers sing "Rattli'n Bog"

Mongolian Night Song
Image result for chinese shepherdess

Here are the words Ms. Gedde wrote for the Lincoln Canon

Lincoln Canon
Lincoln, Lincoln
Shall we tell you how we feel?
You have given us your spirit,
We love you so.

Syncopa Practice

Click Here  to practice improvising with Syncopa
(fill in the missing 4 beats with your own idea!)

Here for Syncopa flash cards
Image result for Syncopa rhythm
Here for Weldon with the words

Here for Weldon on the Rhythm

Watch the music making of the Aborigine people of Australia
didgeridoo player
Aboriginal Dancing

Click Here to read Yellow Bird on the rhythms
Image result for yellow bird clip art
Click Here for a half note mystery song

Image result for Mystery
Click Here to practice half note rhythms

Image result for half note symbol

 Click Here for all of the words to Rocky Mountain

 and Here for the two part rhythm to the song

Here are all the words and verses to
 Great Big House!

 Apple Tree rhythm with and without barlines!

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