E2 Activities


Great job on the compositions this year E2
Watch and enjoy your success!

Here are some songs with our new rhythm tom-ti in them!
Click Here for Eliza Jane
Image result for Street car
Click Here Perry Merry Dictum
Click Here for the words to Canoe Song
Image result for canoe native american

If you liked "Musette" by Bach,
here are the recordings.  This one is on a harpsichord

This is the one with Bobby McFerrin and Yoyo Ma

Click Here for all of the words we sing in class-
Click Here for the song "Over The River" and up grade from the song "Over the Hill"

-Here are the YouTube examples used in class for Theme and Variations.

Simple Gifts
Theme used in Aaron Copeland's "Appalachian Spring"
Sung by Thomas Hampson

Here's the Orchestral Version
of the theme and variations section of "Appalachian Spring"

And here is an 8 year old playing the Mozart Variations of "Twinkle, Twinkle" 

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