Friday, February 8, 2013

Creating Music during the midwinter blahs!

With so much inside recess these past weeks, we've all had a case of the mid-winter blahs.  In the music room we spending time composing music as part of our Trimester learning targets.

Grade 1 and 3 are composing and performing rhythmic instrument parts for folk tales

Grade 2 is composing and performing 16 beat rhythmic songs in abac form
Grade 4 is working in composition groups creating an original composition which includes melody, accompaniment and improvisation on the mallet instruments.

Grade 5 had composed new winter/holiday lyrics to known folk songs (they were on the blog during December/January)

New videos of grade 1 and grade 5 performing musical games has been added to the "Pictures and Video" page.
I rhetorically asked "When is it ever going to be warm again?"
and a 3rd grader answered "May, Mrs. Bowcock!"
I was hoping for "tomorrow"!